If you are a single cup a day coffee drinker, consider using a pour over device like a Hario v60 or Chemex. These are perfect one-cup type brewing devices. You grind only the volume of beans for the single cup (or more). Water is heated in a separate kettle; systematically poured over the coffee grounds; then drips directly into your coffee mug or retention vessel.
You can obtain large capacity Chemex pour over carafes to rival any drip coffee brewer. There is one main difference – technique.

The better / best drip coffee brewers are programmed to control the flow of water over the bed of coffee grounds in “pulses”, with pauses in between, to ensure all grounds become saturated and dissolvable solids are extracted evenly. You become the controller of water distribution for a pour-over. Your technique will require practice to obtain the consistency you desire from cup to cup.

Improper water distribution will lead to channeling within the coffee grounds. The result is under/over extraction leading to bitter or sour coffee. Practice, practice, practice. You will get the hang of it and love the results. A pour over has the potential to create a slightly “cleaner” tasting cup than your drip coffee maker.  You may find a an electric kettle with a gooseneck spout advantageous.  A thin stream of water versus a “glugging” spout kettle allows for more control in the process, and less disruption of the grounds.