We love the AeroPress device when traveling alone (we bring the French Press and kettle if together or with multiple people) and hot water is readily available. Usually the hotels with Room/Internet/Breakfast for a set rate will have that hot water tank to make an AeroPress coffee. You can bring the coffee pre-ground in an airtight container. Backpacking and camping – perfect device for that too!

There are world and national competitions for making coffee with the AeroPress. It makes 1 cup of coffee. There is even an app for your phone with recipes, timers, etc. We recommend a small scale that measures in grams if you are going to use the AeroPress as it will significantly boost your confidence and ability to measure accurately when adding your water.

You may find a an electric kettle with a gooseneck spout advantageous.  A thin stream of water versus a “glugging” spout kettle allows for more control in the process, and less disruption of the grounds.