Is perfect coffee water obtainable without a huge expense?  Well, although perfect coffee water may be a challenge we can get pretty darn close without investing thousands into high end filtration systems.

Baby water. Yes, it is water that our grocers sell in the bottled water section and often has a cute baby picture on the label. Basically, it is filtered/purified water that has calcium and magnesium added back to provide a more balanced and better tasting water for mixing baby formula or baby cereal. Who would have thought! Baby water is probably the best option for individuals or families that don’t want to invest in under-sink reverse osmosis systems. If you have lease restrictions that prevent any of these add-on devices, then baby water just may be your ticket to better tasting coffee tomorrow – simply by changing the water.

If running to the grocer to acquire water or hauling jugs of water to make coffee does not sound very appealing other options exist. Third Wave Water provides mineral packets that you may add to R.O. water from your under-the-kitchen-sink filtration system to make perfect coffee water.  Newer R.O. systems from companies like Pelican Water have post-R.O. filtration cartridges that add calcium and magnesium back to the water before it comes out the tap. Barista Hustle has recipes to make your own coffee water using products you may already have in your cupboard or kitchen pantry.

Solutions are available at different levels of convenience and price-points. Bottom line – close to perfect coffee water is obtainable.  Stop using plain old tap water to brew your coffee!