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Our coffee bag labels describe flavors you should be able to detect with proper grinding, water, and brewing method.  That said, not everyone has the same sense of smell and taste abilities.  The tasting notes describe what WE detect when we brew that coffee – IT IS NOT FLAVORINGS WE ADD TO THE COFFEE.  Each country of origin has unique flavors in their coffees based on farmer inputs, growing conditions (altitude, soil, rainfall, etc), and processing methods (washed, honey, natural).  We hope that you experiment and taste what different parts of the world offer in a coffee experience.

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If you would like to cancel and never drink our coffee again, we certainly hope we have an opportunity to find out why.  60 days gives us an opportunity to send you coffee at least two times for you to enjoy.  If we just don’t satisfy your coffee desires, no hard feelings.  All we ask for is a chance to serve you!

If you used the Spiral Horn Coffee Co. Subscription Service PayPal Reference Transactions payment gateway, you can change coffee origins and forms (whole bean, ground – french, drip, pour over, etc).  If you used the standard PayPal, a little less flexibility is offered (because of PayPal).

We suggest trying our coffees, find the ones you love, and then take a look at monthly subscriptions.

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We know life can get busy.  With our coffee subscription service you don’t have to worry about running out of that life force creating nectar you rely on every day!  Pick a subscription coffee (or several) and check out.  That’s all you have to do.  We will send the coffee ordered each month.  You can set renewals to be paid automatically, or pay them manually.  Be sure to use the Spiral Horn Coffee Co. Subscription Service – PayPal Reference Transactions payment method at check out.  Your monthly subscription will be charged monthly based upon your initial payment method

Our subscription service will save you money as shipping is free with all subscription orders.  Normal shipping is a flat rate $7.80 + per shipment (depending on weight/size of package).

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Coffee brewing can be as simple or complex as you desire. Aficionados will go to the extremes to extract every last bit of flavor potential a coffee has to offer. To such folks, the time, energy and expense is justified. I guess like it is for consumers of fine wine. To others, a good cup of coffee to get the day off to the right start is critical however the time, energy and expense to get there is measured.

Even the simplest devices can produce a phenomenal cup of coffee, but may take more time. A drip coffee maker (depending on class of machine) may take the least amount of time, however, may produce good or great coffee depending on water temperature and water quality. All-in-one machines (grind, dose, and brew) are the fastest but may produce varying levels of quality based on age of coffee, consistency in grind, and consistency in dosing (weight of ground coffee)

We have identified some of our favorite classes of devices and machines below. We are not providing specific recommendations or making product endorsements for any machine or device manufacturer. Our purpose is to provide thoughts on features and functionality you should consider when purchasing a coffee brewer.


A single cup AeroPress brewer paired with an electric kettle and small gram scale can produce a phenomenal single cup of coffee. Great for road trips, camping, or a single afternoon cup of coffee when you have a few extra minutes to make that cup. Have a phone? Get the app with loads of recipes (brew style, ground coffee dose, AeroPress technique, and timer) from world champion brewers. Yes – there are competitions associated with using this device to make a championship worthy cup! Fun and great coffee at the same time.

While not a complex device, there are several important features to look for when choosing a French Press. Screens and filters attached to the plunger should keep the coffee grounds from entering the brew during and after plunging. Not many people like ground coffee grit in their cup! Screens and filters need to be cleaned, as does the press container, so removable parts achieve higher scores than ones that are not removable.

Paired with an appropriate electric kettle and a gram scale to weigh your coffee dose, this is a great multi-cup brewing solution for home, office, road trips or just about anywhere.  A glass French Press is pretty, but trust me when I say – “the glass carafe can break”.  I now use a double walled stainless steel French Press.

french press

Chemex is brand name for a pour-over device used to brew coffee. It has become popular due to its shape and brewing style. Insert a filter in the top, add ground coffee, then apply water using appropriate technique (bloom stage, then slow application of remaining water). When finished brewing, remove the filter and you now have a “decanter” of coffee.

Pour over technique is challenging to master. If water is not applied properly, it will “channel” though the coffee bed and not provide appropriate extraction. Technique is critical if you desire consistent coffee taste. One benefit is the use of filters so cleanup is much easier than a French Press.

Device sizes vary from single cup pour-overs to multi-cup Chemex carafes. Pick one that suits you and give it a whirl. Practice your pour over technique to achieve consistency. A nice pour over kettle and gram scale will help you achieve consistency.

Drip coffee makers have been around for decades. Prices range from $30-$40 to 10x that and more. Features that we look for include certification from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA); decanter size, bloom/pulse periods, and spray head style. All of these matter if you want a drip style coffee maker that will produce great coffee. If you just want coffee and aren’t all tied up in flavor, then a $30 model may suit your needs.

For proper coffee extraction, your drip coffee maker must have a boiler that will consistently heat water to 200-202 degrees F. Sour or bitter flavors in your coffee is attributed to under or over extraction. Yes, grind size matters. And so does water temperature. If your drip coffee maker allows for a bloom period, it will produce better coffee than one that doesn’t (provided water temperature is right). Proper distribution of water over the bed of coffee grounds will prevent most channeling and produce better coffee.

The phrase, “you get what you pay for” applies to drip style coffee makers. Choose one based on what is important to you!

drip coffee maker
Coffee Storage2019-04-04T01:18:50+00:00

A few points first about flavor retention:

Once roasted, coffee will emit CO2 at decreasing levels as it ages. Coffee generally needs to “rest” after roasting for at least 24 hours and some coffee improves 48-72 hours after roasting as the beans emit even more CO2. We roast our coffee to order. Within two to three days it is on your kitchen counter and at the peak of freshness. Roasted coffee beans will lose most of its peak flavor potential after 5-6 weeks.

Ground coffee emits CO2 very quickly, and hence becomes stale faster than whole bean coffee. It is best to grind coffee as needed. If you purchase pre-ground coffee, keep that coffee in its bag with a one-way CO2 valve (like our coffee bags) to keep as much oxygen away from the coffee.

Purchase coffee in quantities that may be consumed in 30 days or less. Store your coffee at room temperature in a container / bag with a one-way CO2 valve to allow CO2 to escape, while preventing exposure to oxygen.

If you hoard coffee (we don’t judge!), you may store it in the freezer. However, do not remove coffee and return it to the freezer time after time. Condensation may form and degrade your coffee rapidly. Store coffee in airtight or vacuum sealed packs that can be consumed in a week or so.

Brewing Coffee PROPERLY2019-04-04T01:21:40+00:00

Brewing techniques vary by device, however some fundamental principles appy:

For best results, brew coffee using a French Press, drip coffee maker, or pour-over device such as Chemex

Grind your coffee beans with a burr grinder to a ground particle size appropriate for your brewing device

Use two (2) tablespoons (about 10 grams) of coffee per 6 ounces of water, add more or less ground coffee to suit your taste

Coffee should never be boiled, use R.O. water with minerals added (Third Wave Water, Baby Formula Water from grocery). Water should be at 200-202 degrees F for best extraction.

If you are using a French Press or Pour Over device, apply enough water to wet all the ground coffee and let the coffee bloom for 1 minute. You will see CO2 being released during this process and is THE indication that your coffee is fresh. Stale coffee will not bloom. Add remaining water after the 1 minute bloom period. Technique will vary based on device. If using a drip coffee machine, you may or may not have bloom/pulse options.

Consume your coffee within 1 hour for peak flavor.

Roast Levels and Flavor2019-04-04T01:26:37+00:00

Roasted coffee exhibits different flavors based on roasting methods and duration. Single origin (coffee from one country/region) coffee is generally roasted at light to medium levels to show the inherent flavor of these coffees. You will experience the most flavor potential at light to medium roast levels.  The longer coffee is roasted, more roast/smokey/charred flavor comes out.  Think of it like a steak cooked medium rare vs well done.

Lighter roasts accent the higher acidity levels (think dryness as in white wine) and lighter body/mouthfeel. Medium roasts represent a balance of acidity and body while still exposing the single origin flavors. Dark roasts accent body, heavy to even syrupy mouthfeel, little to no acidity, and often have roast/smokey flavors. Most all of the single origin flavors have been roasted out of the coffee.

Coffee beans roasted to Dark and beyond can literally come from any region and will only provide a heavy, smokey, roasted flavor. Hey, it is fine if that is what you desire. Roasting coffees to this level may defeat the purpose of offering specialty coffee though. It is the flavor profiles available in single origin or blended single origin coffees roasted at light to medium levels that makes them special!

Roast Levels2019-04-04T01:30:31+00:00

The coffee industry has several naming conventions for roasted coffee. Often coffee roasters and general coffee consumers use different terms.

Roaster terms like Nordic, Cinnamon, City, City+, Full City, Full City+, French Roast, Vienna Roast, and Italian Roast have pretty specific color grades associated with the roasted beans. As to the scientific process of roasting, these nomenclatures and color grades often relate to the “development” of the bean during roasting. Development is measured as the amount of time the beans are roasted once First Crack stage has started through the end of the roast as a percentage of total time in the roaster.

Consumer terms like Light Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast simplify the scientific aspects of roasting and generalize the degree to which acidic (dryness), body, and roast/smokey are balanced in the final cup.

Our coffee bags use a sliding scale to provide some synergies between these terms. We consider the following during our roasting process. Others may use different benchmarks for their roasts.

Nordic Roast – a roast with very little development, and roast ceased before First Crack has completed
Cinnamon Roast is a very very light roast, roast ceased right after First Crack has completed
City is a very light roast, about 18-19% development
City + is a light roast, about 20-22% development
Full City is a medium roast, approximately 23-25% development
Full City+ is slightly more than medium roast, approximately 25-28% development, right on the cusp or has reached Second Crack
French Roast coffee is DARK Roasted, about 30-35% development, has just passed the Second Crack stage
Vienna Roast coffee is roasted darker than French Roast, about 35-40% development, Post Second Crack
Italian Roast coffee is charred and burned up pretty good in the roasting process. If you like burnt, ashy, smoked coffee this is the ticket.

Coffee Cherries2019-04-04T01:35:05+00:00

Coffee is a fruit! When coffee cherries are picked from the coffee tree, the ripe fruit is processed by the individual farmers or by a Co-Op offering such services to farmers. The coffee we enjoy is the seed/pit of that coffee cherry!

Coffee is typically processed in one of several ways. The processing method also contributes flavor characteristics into the coffee seed.

Processing Methods

Washed Process – After picking, coffee cherries are sent through a milling machine to remove the ripe fruit mass from the seed. The pulp is often recycled into animal feed or fertilizer. The coffee seeds are then sent through a washing process to ferment and remove the sticky mucilage that remains on the coffee seeds. Post removal, the seeds are then spread on drying patios or screens to dry in the sun. Coffee flavor is very consistent from lot to lot.

Natural Process – After picking, coffee cherries are set out in the sun to allow the fruit to naturally decompose. The coffee cherries are often agitated and rotated through raking. After all the fruit has decomposed, the seeds remain in the sun to dry. Natural processing is used in countries where water is scarce. Naturally processed coffees may be somewhat inconsistent from lot to lot and cup to cup due to rates of fruit decomposition, fermentation, and drying times. Fruit flavors in the coffee seeds can be amazing.

Honey Process – After picking, coffee cherries are sent through a milling machine to remove part of the ripe fruit mass from the seed, leaving part of the fruit on the seed. The seeds are then set in the sun to dry and allow part of the fruit to ferment on the seed. Seeds are continuously agitated through raking to ensure even drying in the sun. Honey processing does not involve any HONEY as produced by honey bees. Honduras is well known for some spectacular honey process coffee.

Specialty Coffee Defined2019-04-04T01:42:26+00:00

Coffee is categorized as a commodity product, is mass produced in countries where growing conditions are right, and at different elevations within those countries. Coffee grown at lower elevations grows faster than coffee grown at higher elevations. Coffee grown at lower elevations generally doesn’t taste nearly as good as that from higher elevations. If you have done any farming or backyard gardening you can safely assume the economic inputs vary greatly from one to the other as well.

Coffee is “graded” based on taste and defects (in the physical beans and cup quality). Commodity coffee generally scores in the range of 58-70 on a scale 0-100. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and the coffee industry, determines that a coffee obtaining a score of 80 (same 0-100 scale) or higher may be deemed specialty coffee. That score is derived based on the same criteria as all other coffee. Farming inputs, techniques, processing methods, defects, and most of all – FLAVOR !

Spiral Horn Coffee Company roasts only specialty coffee scoring 84 points or higher. Our roasting techniques have been fine tuned through the guidance and training received from industry experts. Coffee roasting is a complex process. A lot of folks roast coffee, not all get the same results. Try ours, I think you can tell the difference.

Bitter or Sour Coffee2019-04-04T01:49:40+00:00

Specialty coffee should not exhibit bitter or sour flavors if ground and brewed properly.  As coffee temperature cools, you will notice even more flavors exhibited in the cup.  Remember your grandparents (or parents) drinking coffee – it had to be extremely hot, especially if they drank it black. If the coffee cooled, it tasted awful – even with cream and sugar. Most of the coffee consumed at that time was commodity grade Robusta coffee. Ya, we are talking rubber flavored motor oil.

Specialty coffee is a higher grade of coffee, grown by smaller farming operations, and most always of the Arabica family of coffee plants. Each origin is known for certain flavor characteristics which are driven by the genus of coffee plant, farming inputs, and processing method.

So how does specialty coffee become sour or bitter – ITS ALL IN THE GRIND SIZE AND EXTRACTION EFFECTIVENESS.

If you grind your coffee too fine, it may be over-extracted and become bitter when brewed.  If ground to coarsely, coffee will be under-extracted, light, and potentially sour.  See our FAQ regarding coffee grinders!

Choosing A Coffee Grinder2019-04-04T01:57:08+00:00

If you don’t own a grinder, don’t worry – we have you covered.  We use one of the finest commercial grinders available. When ordering, just select the coffee device / method you use to make your perfect cup. Ground coffee particle size must be matched to the brewing method.

If you want to explore coffee grinders for your home or business, please contact us if you want to bounce some ideas. The grinders shown below are not intended to be recommendations, or endorsements of any manufacturer’s product. They are merely examples of grinders in particular “classes”.

Many of us started our journey into buying coffee beans with a motorized spice grinder. Hey, it did the job and it was relatively fast. It ground the coffee we needed, at the time we needed it. And it was inexpensive!

As many chefs will tell you, when you saute vegetables (like carrots), an even dice is important to make sure all the carrots cook at the same rate. Pick your veggie, the analogy applies.

When you apply water to ground coffee, the “saute” analogy applies too. Unfortunately the spice grinder with its spinning blade creates a range particle size from “fines (powder) to chunks of beans. The extraction process will therefore be inconsistent as well. Your coffee is going to suffer, and so will you. You shouldn’t suffer!

When you can get a little more serious about your coffee, a mid priced burr grinder will produce a more consistent particle size and therefore a bit more consistent cup of coffee.  Most of these mid range grinders will last a year or three with proper care and maintenance. Some units provide for burr replacement, others require another investment in grinder technology.

Coffee beans contain oils that will eventually become rancid if left in an unclean grinder. Clean your coffee grinder regularly.

Specialty Grinders and Espresso Grinders can reach levels of “HOW MUCH?”.  Since you are a specialty coffee drinker, and perhaps an espresso drinker you know that cup quality is directly related to grind quality.  You can get to a level of “spare no expense” when it comes to producing the absolute best cup.  We are in that realm. Usually these grinders cost from $400 to several thousand.

Read all the ratings, reviews, and information you can find before choosing a grinder in this category.  This grinder is an investment that should last a decade or more.  Burr quality, burr sharpening / replacement, grind size adjustments and micro adjustments, motor size and usage ratings remain in the top list of features desired.

If you will use this grinder for a family of coffee drinkers, or use it to grind large amounts of coffee (small business), you should consider some of the smaller commercial units available.

Reward Beans Program Redemption Limitations2019-04-07T11:45:39+00:00

Your Lifetime Order Accumulation and Program Level will continue into perpetuity. However, you must redeem your accumulated Reward Beans before reaching our threshold of 5,000 Reward Beans. Your program level will not change as you redeem beans. Everybody needs some free coffee now and then – go ahead and redeem some of those Reward Beans!

Reward Beans Program Levels2019-04-04T02:27:15+00:00

We value our relationship with you as a customer. Our Reward Beans program extends that gratitude with higher earning percentages as our relationship grows. Your accumulative orders will provide a LIFETIME spend for purposes of Level Earned and Calculated Reward Beans Rate.

For example, total orders up to $500 will accumulate Reward Beans at a rate of 1 Bean per $1 spent. Orders after $500 and up to $750 will receive 1.01 Beans for each 1$ spent. Orders after $750 and up to $1,000 will receive 1.02 Beans per each $1 spent. Orders after $1,000 and up to $3,000 will receive 1.03 Beans per $1 spent.  Orders after $3,000 will receive 1.04 Beans per $1 spent.

Current program levels include:


Up to $500Sipper100%

Over $500Grinder101%

Over $750Barista102%

Over $1,000Roaster103%

Over $3,000Gold Cup104%

Rewards Program Costs2019-04-07T11:47:06+00:00

Joining the Spiral Horn Coffee Co. Rewards Beans Program is FREE! You will earn 1 Reward Bean for every $1 spent. As your purchase volume increases your pile of Reward Beans increases at higher rates, your You may redeem Reward Beans at any time. Reward Beans conversions are calculated automatically. You may redeem Reward Beans during checkout.

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