Conscious employment of passive and active energy has allowed us to accomplish great things

Spiral Horn Coffee is the third company formed by Mark and Michelle Hedley. Their entrepreneurial spirit sparked after Mark spent 25 years in corporate life. Retiring to engage with the family again, Mark, with Michelle and daughters at the ready, established Spiral Horn Ranch in 2005 to begin a new lifestyle. Breeding and developing superior genetics within African hoof stock (most of which had spiral shaped horns) allowed them to enjoy a happy and successful ranching lifestyle in rural America. US economic conditions and a very serious local drought necessitated diversifying in 2010.


Internal reflection and a “calling” led the whole family into commercial beekeeping in late 2010. While still maintaining their ranching operations, the family began an intensive R&D effort through 2011 and began operating their start-up commercial apiary in spring 2012. Beginning with 50 hives, they soon sold raw and unfiltered local honey, a full line of skin care products and pure beeswax candles. Spiral Horn Apiary grew to over 800 hives by 2018 to include pollination work for almond farmers, watermelon farmers, and even a lavender farm. Focusing on education, Spiral Horn Apiary conducted intensive beekeeping workshops each spring and fall. Hundreds of new beekeepers began their journey into beekeeping at these workshops.


Over the years, dozens of school children have graced the halls for tours. Mark was honored to host community and civic groups, and engage in public speaking about bees and honey. Mark served as president of a local bee club; director and officer of the Texas Beekeepers Association; and Director of the American Beekeeping Federation. During this period, their daughters grew up quickly and soon went away to college. Mark and Michelle came to the realization that they left home and began lives of their own, creating a pair of “empty-nesters”.


So how does a married couple, a part of each other’s lives since 1984, gracefully enter that stage of life? They took something shared since day one, coffee, and made it a lifestyle. The Spiral Horn Coffee Company logo, a form of the Celtic triskelion symbol, allowed reflection on the “creation-preservation-destruction” or “life-death-rebirth” cycle of their Spiral Horn adventures over the decades. It represents their rebirth as an “empty nesters” couple and full business partners relating to something they love. Coffee has remained an important part of their lives since 1984.

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The triskelion symbol tells the story of Mark and Michelle in forward motion and reaching an understanding of the triad life-death-rebirth and creation-preservation-destruction dynamics. “We have continued to reinvent ourselves, as required, to persevere as a couple, a family, and contributors to society. Conscious employment of passive and active energy has allowed us to accomplish great things together”. Summarized, the meaning of a triskelion symbolizes personal growth, human development, and spiritual expansion.

“We believe the triskelion symbolizes our continued personal growth, human development and spiritual expansion enabling the creation and continued future existence of the Spiral Horn Coffee Company. A spiral is known to represent balance, progress, direction, expansion, awareness, connection, and development. We believe the family of Spiral Horn companies, past and future, do as well. Welcome to Spiral Horn Coffee Company, we look forward to serving you”.

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