Who taught you the art of making coffee? Mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandparent, or someone else? Who taught them? How can something so seemingly simple go so horribly wrong? Some of us just blame the coffee itself. Some delve deeper into the components and think the water could contribute an off taste. Perhaps it’s the coffee brewer that makes the coffee? There are several other things you may not have explored or your trainer failed to tell you.

We are going to give you the information you need to make the best cup of coffee you have ever had. The process is simple, if you have the right ingredients, tools, and methods to produce the perfect cup. Brewing coffee is like a symphony orchestra in that all contributors (or instruments) have to play beautifully in order to achieve that perfect performance.
We are going to explore 4 key things that all contribute to the flavor profile of the coffee you drink each day:

  1.  Coffee and Roast Levels
  2. Grind Size / Grinders
  3. Water Chemistry
  4. Coffee Brewers

Follow us on our journey to eliminate bad coffee!