Specialty coffee is naturally sweet. Remember, coffee is a fruit, it should be naturally sweet as it was picked when ripe. If you are used to that dark charry cup of Starbucks, choosing coffee of a medium roast level from your favorite micro-roaster can be refreshing. If you like to explore culinary experiences, choosing coffee from as many origins as you can at the light and medium roast levels. There are some coffees that really shine at medium and dark levels too. Explore, there is no right or wrong.

Roasting coffee is both a science and an art. The right application of conductive and convective heat during every second of the roast is imperative to achieving the anticipated flavor profile. A lot of people roast coffee, but not all get the same results. We hope that throughout your exploration of these posts that you actually give us a try. We think you will enjoy the difference in what we offer.

Not sure where to start when choosing coffee? We offer 4oz sample bags of each of our coffees as well as sample packs. We will send you the most popular or what may appeal to you based on roast level. Of course, we will grind the coffee to match your coffee brewer.