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Spiral Horn Roasted Coffee

  • Coffee Sample Packs allow you to explore the great coffees we roast every day.  We'll select 4 of our most popular single origins, blends, or combinations and send them ground to your brewer preference (or whole bean).   Just want to try a single coffee sample or two?   Go to the individual coffee and pick individual the 4 oz sample size instead of 12 oz.
  • Cold Brew Coffee

    Our cold brew coffee has that rich chocolatey taste known in dark roasted Colombian coffee.  Forget that bitter take out and supermarket "canned" taste.  We have roasted and ground (whole bean available too) this coffee specifically for making cold brew coffee at home. Never run short on coffee! With an Cold Brew Coffee Subscription, you will receive 12 ounce bags of whole bean coffee, or ground to your specifications each month, with FREE SHIPPING. You control shipments! Consider a 5Lb bag for a multi-coffee-drinker household. We will grind the 5Lb bag too on request.
  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is one of our favorite origins due to its honey processing method.  We love the peach and caramel creme notes with the honey sweet finish of this wonderful coffee.  Try it a for a great breakfast and after dinner coffee with dessert.  It's one of our Coffee of the Month selections due to processing method and unique flavor profile.
  • El Salvador

    An El Salvador from the El Diamante farm.  The berry flavor and rich caramel and slightly heavy mouthfeel are just fabulous.  So much so that we could only obtain a limited supply of this coffee.  Get yours before we run out!
  • Honduras

    This beautiful Honduras coffee captured our hearts and taste buds with its caramel and toffee, berry, cherry and chocolate flavors; sweet with winey fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel
  • Honduras Subscription

    With our Honduras subscription you can enjoy those caramel and toffee, berry, cherry and chocolate flavors in this lovely Los Melocotones organic coffee every month
  • Mexico Chiapas

    The coffee farmers in Mexico produce this organic, shade-grown coffee in biological corridor created in order to facilitate bird and animal migration.  We enjoy the mild and sweet nature of this coffee with its cocoa and cherry flavors.  A good all day coffee.
  • You'll love this mild and sweet Mexico Chiapas Subscription coffee with its dark chocolate, mild sweet cherry flavors with a silky creamy mouthfeel.  USDA Certified Organic Mexico Chiapas which originates from the farms contributing to Triunfo Verde Co-op.  The farms are located in the buffer zone of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve
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