A very special thanks to the Texas Coffee Club for their support of Texas based coffee roasteries.  Spiral Horn Coffee and almost 50 coffee roasters across Texas participate in this club established by Kevin and Jana McCreary

Kevin is a CPA, coder, and coffee lover, which is exactly what lead him to create Texas Coffee Club.   For years he worked in the financial world as a CPA in the financial departments of corporations and traveled all over the world.  One of his first international trips, 30 something years ago, was to Pescara, Italy where he was introduced to espresso.  It was love at first drink.  He was so taken away by the Italian espresso that the company he was auditing gave him a stovetop Moka pot to take home.  That Moka pot is still being used. Often!

Over the years, the love of coffee never waned, but professionally he realized he preferred coding software programs over accounting.  He started his own small business of writing software code and his two work passions became intertwined. Creating apps for accounting and tax departments in large corporations allowed him to use his accounting knowledge but in a different way.  All the while, there was still such a passion for coffee!

Then, in January 2020, he and a coffee roaster friend were having breakfast at the local Waffle House talking about business ideas. That discussion birthed the concept of a website that would focus solely on Texas coffee roasters.  Specifically, it would match Texas roasters with coffee drinkers who otherwise wouldn’t know about them.  Not only could he combine his software coding talents with his love for good coffee, but he could also provide a platform to help other Texas small business owners, the Texas coffee roasters.  Now this was exciting!

Kevin began reaching out to Texas coffee roasters and started the coding in February 2020.  Just a few months later, on October 5, 2020, Texas Coffee Club was officially open for business.  Today, Texas Coffee Club is proud to boast about all 50 of the Texas roasters that have joined and provide exceptional coffees to consumers throughout the USA.  Currently, Texas Coffee Club is working diligently to introduce coffee drinkers from all over our nation to our Texas artisanal coffee roasters.