Coffee is categorized as a commodity product, is mass produced in countries where growing conditions are right, and at different elevations within those countries. Coffee grown at lower elevations grows faster than coffee grown at higher elevations. Coffee grown at lower elevations generally doesn’t taste nearly as good as that from higher elevations. If you have done any farming or backyard gardening you can safely assume the economic inputs vary greatly from one to the other as well.

Coffee is “graded” based on taste and defects (in the physical beans and cup quality). Commodity coffee generally scores in the range of 58-70 on a scale 0-100. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and the coffee industry, determines that a coffee obtaining a score of 80 (same 0-100 scale) or higher may be deemed specialty coffee. That score is derived based on the same criteria as all other coffee. Farming inputs, techniques, processing methods, defects, and most of all – FLAVOR !

Spiral Horn Coffee Company roasts only specialty coffee scoring 84 points or higher. Our roasting techniques have been fine tuned through the guidance and training received from industry experts. Coffee roasting is a complex process. A lot of folks roast coffee, not all get the same results. Try ours, I think you can tell the difference.