A few points first about flavor retention:

Once roasted, coffee will emit CO2 at decreasing levels as it ages. Coffee generally needs to “rest” after roasting for at least 24 hours and some coffee improves 48-72 hours after roasting as the beans emit even more CO2. We roast our coffee to order. Within two to three days it is on your kitchen counter and at the peak of freshness. Roasted coffee beans will lose most of its peak flavor potential after 5-6 weeks.

Ground coffee emits CO2 very quickly, and hence becomes stale faster than whole bean coffee. It is best to grind coffee as needed. If you purchase pre-ground coffee, keep that coffee in its bag with a one-way CO2 valve (like our coffee bags) to keep as much oxygen away from the coffee.

Purchase coffee in quantities that may be consumed in 30 days or less. Store your coffee at room temperature in a container / bag with a one-way CO2 valve to allow CO2 to escape, while preventing exposure to oxygen.

If you hoard coffee (we don’t judge!), you may store it in the freezer. However, do not remove coffee and return it to the freezer time after time. Condensation may form and degrade your coffee rapidly. Store coffee in airtight or vacuum sealed packs that can be consumed in a week or so.