If you don’t own a grinder, don’t worry – we have you covered.  We use one of the finest commercial grinders available. When ordering, just select the coffee device / method you use to make your perfect cup. Ground coffee particle size must be matched to the brewing method.

If you want to explore coffee grinders for your home or business, please contact us if you want to bounce some ideas. The grinders shown below are not intended to be recommendations, or endorsements of any manufacturer’s product. They are merely examples of grinders in particular “classes”.

Many of us started our journey into buying coffee beans with a motorized spice grinder. Hey, it did the job and it was relatively fast. It ground the coffee we needed, at the time we needed it. And it was inexpensive!

As many chefs will tell you, when you saute vegetables (like carrots), an even dice is important to make sure all the carrots cook at the same rate. Pick your veggie, the analogy applies.

When you apply water to ground coffee, the “saute” analogy applies too. Unfortunately the spice grinder with its spinning blade creates a range particle size from “fines (powder) to chunks of beans. The extraction process will therefore be inconsistent as well. Your coffee is going to suffer, and so will you. You shouldn’t suffer!

When you can get a little more serious about your coffee, a mid priced burr grinder will produce a more consistent particle size and therefore a bit more consistent cup of coffee.  Most of these mid range grinders will last a year or three with proper care and maintenance. Some units provide for burr replacement, others require another investment in grinder technology.

Coffee beans contain oils that will eventually become rancid if left in an unclean grinder. Clean your coffee grinder regularly.

Specialty Grinders and Espresso Grinders can reach levels of “HOW MUCH?”.  Since you are a specialty coffee drinker, and perhaps an espresso drinker you know that cup quality is directly related to grind quality.  You can get to a level of “spare no expense” when it comes to producing the absolute best cup.  We are in that realm. Usually these grinders cost from $400 to several thousand.

Read all the ratings, reviews, and information you can find before choosing a grinder in this category.  This grinder is an investment that should last a decade or more.  Burr quality, burr sharpening / replacement, grind size adjustments and micro adjustments, motor size and usage ratings remain in the top list of features desired.

If you will use this grinder for a family of coffee drinkers, or use it to grind large amounts of coffee (small business), you should consider some of the smaller commercial units available.