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  • Brazil Subscription

    Our Brazil Subscription presents the best roast of our Brazil yellow bourbon beans - a light roast presenting toffee, caramel and chocolate flavors with a hint of fruit in what we believe is a fantastic breakfast style coffee.
  • Cold Brew Coffee

    Our cold brew coffee has that rich chocolatey taste known in dark roasted Colombian coffee.  Forget that bitter take out and supermarket "canned" taste.  We have roasted and ground (whole bean available too) this coffee specifically for making cold brew coffee at home. Never run short on coffee! With an Cold Brew Coffee Subscription, you will receive 12 ounce bags of whole bean coffee, or ground to your specifications each month, with FREE SHIPPING. You control shipments! Consider a 5Lb bag for a multi-coffee-drinker household. We will grind the 5Lb bag too on request.
  • Decaf Mexico

    Our decaf Mexico coffee is Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic.  Our decaf Mexico Chiapas scores very high on the grading scale, and even higher than some of our "regular" coffees.  When ground and brewed properly, we detect cinnamon, graham, and grapefruit flavors with a thick mouthfeel.
  • Gold Rush Blend is a masterpiece created by blending our best South American and African coffee to provide that chocolate, toffee, and dark raisin sweetness with just a hint of nuttiness you have desired in a dark and boldly roasted coffee.  A little darker than our Silver Spurs Blend, and on par with the Trail Boss Blend, just a bit sweeter.  Of course, no bitterness.  Enjoy dark roasts again.
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